Virtual Styling Session with Bridgette Raes

In my last post, I shared that I recently had a virtual styling session with Bridgette Raes. I highlighted my reasons for doing this, included excerpts from my pre-session questionnaire, and showed some inspirational images of style aesthetics that I appreciate


Today’s post focuses on my actual session with Bridgette, including the style advice that she gave me. Please note that the session was really jam-packed with information, too much to include in a blog post, even considering the extra-long posts I often publish. I’m including enough here to give you a taste of what it’s like to work with an expert stylist and how it can benefit those who are struggling to cultivate and express a resonant and appropriate sense of personal style.

I hope you’ll find the information that I share helpful and will be able to glean useful tips to guide you in your own style journey. I hesitated about what and how much to include in this post. I have to admit that I was wary of sharing my outfit photos after my last experience with this, but I’ve opted to do so in the interest of better illustrating Bridgette’s points and the value of my work with her.

Leading Up to the Session

A few days prior to our session, Bridgette sent me a report to review. This report included her overall impressions of my questionnaire, outfit photos, and style inspiration images. She also gave me specific written feedback on each of the ten outfit photos I had sent her. It was great to be able to review and reflect upon Bridgette’s feedback prior to meeting with her, as it helped me to come up with additional questions to ask during the session.

In addition to the pre-session notes, Bridgette also sent me a color combining book based upon my personal coloring. Although she was unable to do an official color analysis remotely, she felt confident placing me in the “Winter” category based upon my coloring, the colors I gravitate towards, and the way I look in the colors in my outfit photos. She told me later that she is able to color type approximately 90% of her virtual clients and send them color booklets.

The color combining book includes swatches for base, accent, and pop colors, as well as a number of examples for how best to combine these colors in my outfits. Since I enjoy wearing black, I was happy to learn that Bridgette feels I look good in that color (as long as I don’t become a “blackcident” by wearing too much of it!). Below are the accent and pop colors that are recommended for me to wear. I was very pleased to see many of my favorite hues in the mix!


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