Virtual Styling Session with Bridgette Raes

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ve seen that I often link to articles written by style expert, Bridgette RaesBridgette is a New York City based personal stylist and blogger who writes frequently about creating a cohesive wardrobe, the power of color and accessories, and how to shop wisely.
I love Bridgette’s witty writing style and refreshing attitude toward fashion.  While many other stylists focus predominantly on current trends and continuously shopping to keep up, Bridgette is far more pragmatic and realistic in her approach.  I can see why many of her clients have been with her for years and rely on her helpful, no-nonsense advice!
Working with Bridgette & A New Series for the Blog
After being an admirer of Bridgette’s for several years, I finally took the plunge to hire her for virtual styling help.  I had a Skype session with her last week and plan to have a follow-up session sometime next month.
Today’s post is the first in a series in which I’ll share my experience of working with Bridgette Raes to improve my personal style.  I will start with the preliminary work I did prior to the session, which is the focus on today’s post.  In a post later this week, I’ll write about the session itself and Bridgette’s recommendations for me.  Future installments will focus on the ways in which I implement Bridgette’s advice, as well as my report from my second virtual styling session.
Why I Hired Bridgette to Help Me
I decided to hire Bridgette because I’ve been feeling a bit stuck in some aspects of my personal style and felt I could use some advice to take me to the next level.  While I could have reached out to a stylist in my local area, I opted to work with Bridgette instead for several reasons:
•    I have come to know Bridgette and her approach through her blog, and it resonates well with me.
•    She is also familiar with me and my blog and I felt she would be mindful of my compulsive shopping problem and not steer me toward excessive purchases or “trend chasing.”
•    She is in my age range (over 40, but I’ve got a few years on her…) and also has a fairly casual work-from-home lifestyle.
•    I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on styling services, so I thought a few strategic virtual sessions would be the best option for me at this time.
Bridgette’s services are not cheap by any means, but she has over two decades of style and fashion experience under her belt.  I knew she’d be able to offer me a wealth of expert advice even in the short time frame we’d be spending together.  Now that I’ve had my first session with her, I have to say that hiring her was a great thing to do!   I know it will be money well spent and that I’ll likely end up saving myself money in the long run.  If you’re at all considering working with a stylist, I can definitely recommend hiring Bridgette (I don’t get any “kick-backs” for making this recommendation – I just believe in her!).


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